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生命科學院專題演講:An Array of 100,000 Monoclonal Antibodies


    105105 星期三  10:30-12:00

    題:An Array of 100,000 Monoclonal Antibodies

    點:國立清華大學腦科學中心 VR Room (生科一館一樓)

    者:Dr. Xun Meng, CEO&Founder of AbMart Inc. Shanghai 




A monoclonal antibody library with 100,000 mouse hybridomas against diverse antigen types were generated.  The library was used to build a massively parallel, addressable antibody array (MabArray).  MabArray offers efficient, high-throughput and proteome-scale target and biomarker discovery.  MabArray has proven to be useful for profiling diverse protein samples from human to plants.  Successful examples of discovering novel therapeutic (ADC and CAR-T) cancer targets, specific macrophage cell surface markers, tumor blood biomarkers as well as proteins involved in cotton fiber development and peach ripening will be discussed.  We expect MabArray to become a standard and productive platform for functional proteomics.


Introduction of Dr. Xun Meng:

Dr. Meng has a B.S. degree (chemistry) from Sichuan University and a Ph.D. degree (chemistry) from New York University.  He did a post-doc with Mark Keating at University of Utah, where he studied the genetic basis of Williams’ syndrome.  Since then, he has been involved in multiple biotech start-ups, including Orion Genomics (senior scientist), Epitome Biosystems (co-founder and Research Director, acquired by Millipore) and Abmart (co-founder, CEO).

Dr. Meng has created novel technologies for genomics (optical mapping, NYU) and proteomics (PET antibody array technology, Epitome Biosystems).  At Abmart, he has led the invention of antibody library technologies for proteins (SEAL) and proteomes (MabArray).  His goal is to create an antibody technology ecosystem for much easier, faster and productive protein/proteome studies to accelerate basic research and (therapeutic and diagnostic) product development.


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